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(c)Victoriano Moreno cage-free1.jpg


"It's just a period. Temporary period. Don't take it personal. Don't protest. Keep it up.

Perform. Produce. Provide. Procreate... Proceed."


Concept/Choreography: Işıl Bıçakçı

Performance: Işıl Bıçakçı

Music: Cajmere - Percolator Reworked'10

“This is not a vegetarian manifesto, neither is Işıl Bıçakçı advocating the consumption of poultry. Drawing inspiration from the life of a chicken, this Turkish native finds some striking similarities between humanity and its feathered friends and as the performance progresses, she brings various questions to the minds in a humorous way.”

special thanks to;

Mileen Borgonjon, Wisper team, De Centrale, Mestizo Arts Platform, NTGent and Gert Beazar...

  • "DAGVANDEDANS" Wisper at Danspunt Dok Noord, Gent-BELGIUM

photo: (c) Victoriano Moreno

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